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   Your Space

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Space /speɪs/ : an area sufficient for a purpose; room to contain or do something.

You have a space to call your own – a space that can tell the story of who you are and what you do. Your space may be in a permanent location, it may be temporary, or it could be a combination of both. Duration does not define your space. You do.

Your space can engage, describe, persuade, and compel. Your space can even dazzle! How do you accomplish this within your budget and deadlines? Let's start with a conversation.

Define your space with Gorodesign.

   Design & Process

Design  /də ‘zaɪn/ : to mark out, to designate, to indicate, to sign

Your signature means something. In the design of your space, the appeal of curving lines, the boundaries of rectilinear forms, the empty spaces inviting the user to enter – all of these contribute to your unique signature.

Your carefully designed space may be constructed of natural or man-made materials, or it may be a combination. Finishes, intentional lighting, and evocative colors all come together in your built or temporary environment.

Define your space with design that speaks your message.


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Communication /kə,mjunə'keɪʃ(ə)n/ : the action of sharing in something; mutual participation; reciprocal relationship

At Gorodesign we listen carefully as you describe your goals and hopes for your space. We work to understand the constraints of your given environment, and then we invite a conversation about how we can open your space with compelling design. When we know you, we can design your space for your reasons.

Collaborate with us to create your design within your budget, your time frame, and your aesthetic.